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Birthdate:Jun 13
Location:Illinois, United States of America

I'm a thirtysomething librarian, interested in books, technology, and people (pretty much in that order). My undergraduate degree was in anthropology, the best science ever, and I try to keep my anthro training in mind most of the time. It's good practice for understanding why people are weird.

But this is a personal and fan journal, mostly; I use it therefore to bitch about whatever I want (usually my brain chemistry, stupid people at work, and stupid ideas floating around) and ramble on as much as I please (usually about books, TV, and movies, and anything else that interests me at the moment). Short book reviews are posted regularly, as a means of keeping track what I read and when I read it.

The list of current and past fandoms is vast and unknowable, but here's a shot: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jeeves & Wooster, Babylon 5 (and Crusade), Brimstone, Life on Mars, Stargate: SG-1, a bit of SG: Atlantis, Firefly, Jeremiah, Hornblower, House MD, Invisible Man, Lost, Lord of the Rings, Nero Wolfe, the first couple seasons of the new BSG, Star Wars, Sandman, Saiyuki, Steven Brust's Dragaera, Elizabeth Bear novels, Leverage, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Criminal Minds. Awhile ago I wrote a fannish disclaimer. I write fic (occasionally), which is archived both here under the fic tag and at my website linked above. (And at the Pit of Voles, for the older stuff, where you are welcome to seek it out if you feel that much like torturing yourself). I vid (also occasionally), and I try to keep the vid posts here up to date with streaming and downloadable copies, as I don't have webspace of my own enough to host them on. I make fanmixes (much more frequently), also archived here in their posts. Let me know if something's expired.

If you want to friend me, please, don't feel obligated to ask! It would be nice if you'd say something, though, as I have a tendency to forget about these things. I'll probably friend you back, but please don't be offended if I don't; I go through phases where my flist gets so huge I don't have time to do anything else, which is not productive for getting through grad school. Most of what I post under flock is either personal or inflammatory. Finished fic is always public.
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